Coaching method

Our coaching style is very unique. The goal is to be always Optimizing life and performance. This method was created by Richard Wygand and is called The C.O.R.E method.

The Coach

Before Richard Wygand became a coach and athlete he found himself 260 pounds and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. In 2003 he decided to purse his dream.

Richard Wygand raced triathlon professionally for over 12 years (18x Ironman), and have been coaching athletes since 2006. 

We started as RW Training, and after Richard's son was born we then switched to a much Higher Purpose and the Go Luke Wygand Foundation was born. 

Richard Wygand have several certification such as: Primal Health Coach, Life Coach, Plant Based Diet Certification, Reiki Master, USAT Level 1 (current getting recertified), and NASM (strength and condition- on going).  

Richard Wygand Coaching principals


We are all humans, but we all have different needs (mentally, physically and spiritually), therefore coaching real coaching needs to be personalized. 


How you fuel your body is essential for everything in life, therefore in all programs nutrition is a must. 


Training plans and online courses are not coaching. Coaching is personalized, those courses/training plans are simply a guide. 


When it comes to coaching I offer 2 levels: Premium coaching limited to 10 per year and Semi coaching. I do offer eBooks, training plans and online course, but they are not personalized.

The C.O.R.E Method

I created the c.o.r.e method for constantly optimizing your life, rather is in your fitness level, business or personal level you can apply this method.

I used this method to lose 100 pounds, quit smoking, and pursue a life time dream, and guess what? Dream came true. 

We are all about real results and with the C.O.R.E method you will get Real Results. 

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