life is like an ironman

An ironman consist in 2.4 miles swim, 112 miles bike and 26.2 run. It's a long day and anything can happen, during the race you go thru ups and downs, you have to fight adversity, you need to pace, and most important you need to stay connected with the course and your goal. Ironman just like in life requires mind, body and soul. The swim is all mind, cause you won't win the race with the swim but you can lose it, therefore controlling yourself is key. The bike is about about the body, is where you fuel yourself, where you pace and is more physically tasking. The run is all about the soul, if you run with your heart and soul you will exceed. The best athlete in an ironman are the one that have a balance between all 3.  

Life is the same, is a balance between mind, body and soul. I believe we all have a Soul contract, which are your life challenges. Those are things that happens to you that you have no control of it, these are the adversity during an ironman race. Therefore we must stay connected with our soul contract  (purpose) and adapt based on what the journey (course) gives it to you.

Ironman (Sport and life) is never about winning. Ironman is about overcoming your own limits.

by Richard Wygand

I am connected

Wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul.

When I started to change my life back in 2003, I realized I that I needed to take care of my body, and my mind otherwise I wouldn't make my dream come true. After I finished my first Ironman I realized that life is just like and Ironman, and I went on a quest on optimizing myself and my performance. I tried many diets, many different approaches, many self help books, however things started to exponentially get better when I started to explore my spirituality. That is when I realized that true wellness is a matter a balanced mind, body and soul. 

We work a lot in creating awareness within you, in this way you can become aware of the patterns that no longer serve you, and also becoming more present. 

This part is about creating awareness of your own limitations so you can break the cycle and not repeat the same mistakes.


Life is all about learning how to ride the bike that was giving to you. However, we must use the right fuel so you can ride your bike properly thru life. 

We can reduce 40% of our total stress just with nutrition alone. It's not about diet, it's about FUEL. 

As a Reiki master I can tell that spirituality has nothing to do with religion. The spirituality here is all about your soul, your true self, your soul contract. 

Soul contract is your life lessons, the lessons you can't run away. Those lessons will appear no matter what.


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