Midlife crisis

I joke that I am going through a midlife crisis, but the truth is its life. Life is constantly changing, and you can see as crisis or opportunities. I see as opportunities to grow. So, in this channel I share 4 segments:

1-     Me trying to be funny. Well, when I retire from racing Ironman and my business started to shift quite a bit, my wife asked me: “what are you going to do?” and with a straight face I told her: “I am going to be a standup comedian”, my poor wife LOL. Anyways, I always wanted to have a sarcastic YouTube channel where I share things about life, so here we are.

2-     My adventures with my son. We are often creating and adapting things so a lot of times I record our adventures and post.

3-     Music and Skateboarding. I decided to follow a long-time dream which it was to learn the guitar, so I share a few things that I am learning combine with skateboarding. Skate is a passion of mine since I was 2 years old (when I first stood up on a board) that comes along with my insane passion with music.

4-     Confessions of a special needs Dad. Here I just share some of the craziness we go thru in a funny way.




Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to MidLife Crisis,

That is right MidLife Crisis,

This "Amerioca" Myth,

Known as a Dad on a mission,

Will cleanse any sense of innuendo or sarcasm,

From the videos that might make you think,

and that will also make you feel uncomfortable....

So share with your friends and families,

This channel might content explicit words,

but don't worry because is what it makes it real,

those real things commonly known as life.....

So, if it sounds sarcastic, don't take it seriously.

If it sounds dangerous,

Do not try this at home or at all.

And if it offends you, just don't listen to it

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