Racing for a higher purpose

The higher purpose

Our purpose is to raise awareness for NEMALINE MYOPATHY . In the end of the year we donate our profit either to help families with physical disability in need or we donate for research. The foundation that deals with nemaline myopathy research is called "A Foundation Building Strength."

Racing and/or participating in sporting events and is an absolutely amazing feeling, and when you add a purpose bigger than yourself you can easily multiply that feeling.

Please check in the link below to know more about our higher purpose.



Rather you are doing a 5k or an Ironman you can do it with a HIGHER PURPOSE!


  • You get uniform for racing or we stamp our logo in your uniform in case you are part of a club or have another coach.
  • Entry fee for the race (full or partial). 
  • Free Coaching upon request. 
  • Access to our Endurance Club with recipes, discounts, tips and much more.

Your Duties

  • Help us raise awareness by sharing the higher purpose.
  • Raise funds between your friends and family, so we can continue spreading the Love.
  • Share on social media
  • Share the LOVE and have fun!

Are you ready to race for a higher purpose?

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