Richard Wygand (aka Rich Wygand)

Richard Wygand is Luke's father, founder of The Go Luke Wygand Foundation. Rich is a former professional triathlete, Reiki Master, Author, and Coach. 

My unique story

Back in 2003 I got to rock bottom. I was 260 pounds smoking a pack of cigarettes a day and drinking a lot. I decided to change my life and I started to train for triathlon. Fast forward to 2006 I started to race professionally (a dream of mine since I was a kid), I end up doing 18 ironmans. In 2016 my son Luke was born with a rare muscle condition called nemaline myopathy. The stress, the hospital time threw me off a bit, I mean deep in the end I felt guilty but I started to look for answers spiritually, and I started to understand quite a bit of the purpose of all this. Now Luke is stable and I am coming back with a new transformation. 

The not so fashion show

The not so fashion show is that Richard does about Life. 


The NOT so fashion show with commonly things known as LIFE! If sounds sarcastic, dangerous or offends you...Well don't take it personal!

  • Real life solutions
  • Real life results 
  • Raw nutrition
  • Raw fitness
  • Raw mindset 
  • Parenting