Special Needs Empowerment Group

$20 / Month

14 day free trial

It's not a support group, it's an empowerment group...

The cost is $20 and includes:

  • Rock it e-Book.
  • Forum.
  • Recipes.
  • Nutrition Plan.
  • Workout Gallery.
  • Monthly meeting with topics (10 per meeting max).

Empowerment group

 When I was in the NICU for 84 days and later 40 days in the PICU, I saw lots of support for moms and not a whole lot for dads.

I decide to create a group, but is not a support, this an EMPOWERMENT GROUP. 

The group includes monthly meetings, a nutrition plan, stress relief ideas, workout gallery, chat, forum, but most important is to connect with other Dads going through something similar to you. You are not alone!

Meetings with a maximum of 10 Dads.

$20 / Month

14 day free trial

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