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The coach

Rich Wygand have raced professionally for 12 years completing 18 ironmans including winner of the Hits Triathlon Full distance in 2016. 

Fighting the odds

"When I decided to become an athlete I was 260 pounds, drinking every single night, and smoking almost 2 packs a day. Plus I was 23 years old (relatively old since I had no background in sports). However I fought the odds, and I raced professionally for 12 years with an Ironman PR of 9 hours and 15 min (unofficial) and several under 10 hours! I recently stop racing to dedicate myself for coaching and my son that has a rare muscle condition, 10% of each plan goes to the go Luke Wygand Foundation"

More about RW

Over 120 athletes from ground zero to ironman finisher.


Over the years I have coached many athletes, most of them from ground zero. I have coached athletes that could never even cross the pool to finish an ironman in less than 12 hours, just like I did! If you are ready to achieve your odds, I am your coach! All you need is to be READY for it!


Rich tailors his plan to each individual, guaranteeing carefully calculated results for each athlete. No matter your skill, he will work with you. He answered all my hundreds of questions, which helped me to better understand the journey and do all my workouts to the best of my ability. He's affordable and effective - I highly recommend him. - Natalya Jones 

by Natalya Jones

I followed the training diligently and maybe missed only a few days of workout due to travel/family events. Rich was instrumental in coaching me on everything ... nutrition, race preparation, race strategy, bike gear, swim gear, stretching .. he even fixed the hip pain I had for several months go away. Absolutely Incredible!!!!! I did my first 70.3 race in 2008, and here I am ... 43 years old and I am in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!! Ready to race an a full IRONMAN distance. On race day I followed the strategy exactly as Rich told me. Swim, T1, Bike, T2 and Run ... the results were incredible!! FINISH TIME: 11:42: 45  !!! WHATTT?!!! I could not believe it! And the most amazing thing about the race, was my marathon time, 4:04:32 !! That is 6:34 faster than my Houston Marathon time alone ! Not a single cramp during the entire race and only stopped when I crossed the finish line!! 

by Rafael Azevedo

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  • Individualized Training plan
  •  Nutrition Plan
  • Strength Training
  • and much more.

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