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This is a father and son non profit organization, rocking our world!

About the Foundation:

When Luke was born, we spent 84 days in the NICU and 40 days in the PICU. During this period, I saw a lot of support for moms, and not a lot for dads. Months after Luke was born, I finally announced my retirement from racing professionally to become a full time Dad and transform my coaching business into this nonprofit organization and just like that, I became a Dad on a mission. 

Why go Luke Wygand? During the NICU stay the #goLukeWygand was created with many collective meditations and many people all over the world praying for Luke using the #goLukeWygand.

Why foundation? Because LOVE is the foundation for everything in life! 

Why fatherhood rocks? Fatherhood is the best experience ever, even with all the challenges and responsibilities fatherhood is absolutely the best feeling in the world. Luke and I have a great connection with music and we both absolutely love rock and roll. Besides, for me, there is no other type of music more empowering that Rock and roll. So, welcome to the Go Luke Wygand Foundation INC the house of ROCK-IT-OLOGY!

May the force be with you,

Richard Wygand and Luke Wygand-Founders

Our Mission

Check out down below our mission and what is Nemaline Myopathy. 

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