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I have always heard when you become a parent you will understand. Well, I am a Dad now, in fact, I am a stay home Dad, and I must say: I still don’t fucking understand, I mean, I do understand but now I can say IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!

As a kid I started to numb my emotions with food, cigarettes and alcohol. I got to 260 pounds and smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, leading to a very dark place of shame and feeling worthless. As an adult I transfer those addictions to exercise and an obsessive search to my perfect body, which lead me to a much darker place called depression, and this time was much worst.

In the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 I had the biggest crisis of my life. Through writing I started to reconnect, and I finally started to express my feeling. July of 2016 my son, Luke, was born. Luke was born with a physical challenge called nemaline myopathy, and I realize how can I teach my son to accept himself and his challenges if I haven’t accepted myself? I needed real change.

After Luke was born, I went through a rebirth process where I started to learn more about myself. Lots of people think this is a midlife crisis, but again IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. Is much deeper than that, so I created ROCK-IT-OLOGY where I talk about things such as: mental health, parenting, inclusion, spirituality and food.

Rock-it-ology is based on a true story, and it’s a satire of a Religion. I made as a Religion because it plays a big, if not the biggest, roll in my emotional issues. Plus, I am a Punk and I love to challenge the status quo. 

We operate under the “The Go Luke Wygand Foundation INC”, a nonprofit organization where in the end of each year we donate our profits for 3 things:

1.      Nemaline myopathy research.

2.      Mental health.

3.      Food.

Check out the rest of the project and May the Life Force be with you!

Much Love,

The Wygands

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