My 3 life rules

Other, July 02, 2019

My 3 life rules to stay positive.



   People always come to me and say, "man you are always positive", so I deiced to share how I stay positive. I have 3 rules for life. I did not share before because honestly, I thought it would be silly, maybe it is, maybe is not. However, here we go...

   Before we get into the 3 rules, I want to explain a bit on how I see life. For me life is a spiritual experience. I am far from being a religious guy in fact, I despite religion, so why I say life is a spiritual experience? Well there are lots of things we cannot explain in this world, but deep in the end is all energy or as I call life force (yes, I had to put star wars in the middle). As a Reiki master I have seen lots of great results with energy work, not only on myself, but in my family and the people that I worked with. 

   We create a lot of speculations around what happened after death. The truth is nobody knows what happens on the other side, since nobody ever came back with proof. However, we all know this will eventually happen for everybody, and does not matter which way you look at it, life will always challenge you. I believe things happen for a reason but even if you don't believe that, you must agree that things happen and lots of times its out of our control. Life is mysterious and full of lessons, and is up to us to learn from it. 

   With that in mind here are my 3 spiritual laws:

1st Acceptance: You first must accept where you are, accept that things will happen, and you have no control. There is a theory that says that we knew how our lives would be before we were born, I believe that and you don’t have to, however we must accept the situation that we are in. Accept the situation that you are in with LOVE. We often ask ourselves why me, when we should be asking ourselves why not me? I mean if that happen is because there is a purpose behind, is here to teach you something or make you stronger, so again why not you? Remember we can only change or optimize what we accept, if we don't accept we cannot do anything.

2nd Face your demons: Once you accepted, turn on your beast mode and face them. Face them with an open heart and with gratitude, they are literally making you stronger so why not be grateful, without them you will remain the same. Facing your demons can be scary but that is when happiness and joy begins. 

3rd Always look at the bright side of life:  I believe that in every situation in life there is a bright side for it, and the bright side can be the simple fact that you are alive, that is why I am grateful for all my challenges in life. Because I am here, rocking like a hurricane. 

   That is how I stay positive. Life is here and now, so embrace it and rock it like a hurricane! 

Rock on,

Richard Wygand - A Dad on a mission!