I am connected

A Self Empowerment Program

We work a lot in creating awareness within you, in this way you can become aware of the patterns that no longer serve you, and also becoming more present Dad. 

This part is about creating awareness of your own limitations so you can break the cycle and not repeat the same mistakes with your kids. 

My years of racing professionally and overcoming depression made me realize that what you eat is extremely connected to how you react in life. By that means you can reduce stress, be more present and have more energy that your kids will have a hard time keeping up with Daddy. Also, kids learn by example. You eating well will set a great example for your kids.

As a Reiki master I can tell that spirituality has nothing to do with religion. The spirituality here is all about your soul, your true self, your soul contract. 

Soul contract is your life lessons, the lessons you can't run away. Those lessons will appear no matter what, and guess what? Kids bring is the biggest lessons in life.