Katie chiet


I started running when I enlisted in the US Army, but I started to LOVE running after I had several injuries that made me wonder if I would ever GET to run again. Now, I run for those who can't or those who need a little help! My son Chase was born with a not-so-rare genetic disorder called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome - he is missing genetic material from his 22nd chromosome. This year, he is running his 1st big race - the South Florida Fair Kids Mile - and I will get to cheer him on! Then I'll run Ragnar Midwest in his honor, and in honor of kids all over the country with 22q, as part of #werun22q! I have worked with Richard for almost 10 years (!!) and am so proud of the work he is doing in Luke's honor - they are lucky to have each other and I am lucky to know and love them both! "We should speak to our children as though they are the wisest, most kind-hearted beautiful and magical souls we've ever known; for what they believe is what they will one day grow to become" This is my mantra. I just want to raise loved children, do good things, and live with joy in my heart!

athletes helping families with physical challenges thrive!

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