The Go Luke Wygand Foundation


Monthly Triathlon/Running Coaching includes:

  • Unlimited communication;
  • Training plan (biweekly to 4 weeks uploaded);
  • Feedback;
  • nutrition;
  • strength 

$160 / Month

Setup Price: $50

Currency: US Dollar

Endurance Club-Yearly

  • Once a year one on one with the Coach (via skype, phone or in person)
  • One month free online training ( you pick when to start)  
  • One key workout a week applied to your profile.
  •  Access to ask question to a coach (once a month)- Via Email.
  • Discount in races (we are working to get more and more race discounts)
  • Discount in stores (on-line, and local for local members)
  • Recipes
  • Tips
  • and much more...

By join the Endurance Club you not only get all this benefits but you also will be helping to raise awareness for Nemaline Myopathy!



$180 / Year

Currency: US Dollar

Unfashion Fitness Project

6 weeks Unfashion Fitness project.

  • Lose weight
  • Have more energy
  • Manage stress better

In just 6 weeks!

One time payment of $79

Currency: US Dollar

Running Coaching Plan

  • Workouts planned every 4 weeks focus on your goals with weekly updates as needed    
  • Unlimited communication 
  • Customized Heart rate zones, and pace.
  • Strength training routine


$90 / Month

Currency: US Dollar

Health Coaching

One on one health coaching includes:

  • Nutrition
  • Workout plan
  • 3 meetings with Richard Wygand
  • Life time access to the Health Club
  • Unlimited email communication during the 6 weeks

One time payment of $250

Currency: US Dollar

Totally unfashion yourself

This is the 6 weeks program to totally unfashion yourself

  • 2 meetings with Rich Wygand
  • Goal setting
  • Workout plan
  • Food list
  • Stress management ideas
  • Life time unfashion yourself membership
  • Recipes
  • Email, and text message with Rich Wygand

6 weeks to optimal health.

One time payment of $250

Currency: US Dollar

Running Plan

Running training plan, includes:

  • Training plan
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Access to the endurance club
  • Email communication


$90 / Month

Currency: US Dollar

Health Club

  • Recipes
  • Workout tips
  • Healthy tips
  • Forum
  • And much more...

$14.99 / Month

10 day free trial

Currency: US Dollar

Duathlon Coaching

Includes swim/run or run/bike workouts, nutrition and strength!

$110 / Month

Currency: US Dollar

365 push up challenge

The 365 push up challenge, each day you have to increase by one your number of push ups, for example:

Day 1= 1 push up

Day 2=2 push ups...

Until you hit 365 push ups in one day.

After you sign up you will have access to our membership with recipes, tips, forum, chat and our facebook discussion group.

All the $ is donated for Nemaline Myopathy research after the fees. So about 80 cents per week after stripe fees.

$0.99 / Week

Currency: US Dollar

Triathlon Plain and Simple

Triathlon Plain and Simple is an online triathlon course to get you started or simply improve your triathlon experience.

The program includes:

  • Nutrition
  • 6 weeks training plan
  • Swim, Bike, Run and strength tips.
  • Access to our membership plan (lifetime) that includes tips, recipes and more.

One time payment of $19.99

Currency: US Dollar

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