swim faster project

When I started to do ironman I could barely cross the pool, it took me awhile but I worked on a few things and soon I was coming out of the water in the first group. The swim faster program will give you the tools that you need to improve your swim.

Membership includes:

  • Monthly personalized training plan.
  • Nutrition plan.
  • 2 emails per month with the coach.
  • 2 live Facebook with Q/A.
  • Tips, Recipes, Articles, and Videos.
  • Forum, Chat, and blog.
  • Discount on add on's
  • .Motivation and inspiration.

Ready to swim faster?


Membership is $45 dollars a month with a start up fee of $50.

Personalize coaching?

Please contact me at richard@adadonamission.com or +1 561 889 5792

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