The bright side of life project

"The bright side of life is a philosophy that I created in order overcome my challenges."

Back in 2003 I found myself 260 pounds, smoking 2 packs a cigarettes a day and drinking a 6 pack every night, I decided to change my life. I quickly realized I that I needed to take care of my body, and my mind otherwise I wouldn't make my dream come true. After I finished my first Ironman I realized that life is just like and Ironman, and I went on a quest on optimizing myself and my performance. I tried many diets, many different approaches, many self help books, however things started to exponentially get better when I started to explore my spirituality. That is when I realized that true wellness is a matter a balanced mind, body and soul. 

We all got challenges

No matter what way you look at it, we all have a purpose in life. If you look at the religious side it will say we have a destiny, if you look at spirituality we have karma, if we look at science there is the 3rd law of newton (every action have a reaction), or simply that things happen and is out of our control. In my view things happen for a reason, and those life challenges are here to challenge us and make us grow, and there is a bright side of every situation in life.

Always look at the bright side of life

The philosophy incorporates mind, body and soul.


Is where your soul speaks thru, so you can create and manifest. Your soul is always talking to you via intuition, so you must silence your mind in order to listen to it. 


Your body is how you navigate thru life. The most important part of the body is stress management. Is not really a diet....


The soul is your light your energy or your vibe. The key is here is what type of vibe you are going to feed your soul. Here are a few exercises to feed your soul positive energy.

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  • Access to Workout Gallery (functional workouts)

.Ps: This program is guided to fathers, HOWEVER anyone can benefit from it.

It's not about winning, is about overcoming your own limitations."

by Richard Wygand

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