Looking good...Naked!

Looking good naked is the Holy book of Rock-it-ology based on our 7 commandments!


I spent years searching for my perfect body and even when I was 6% body fat with the so called perfect body, I was still not happy. In fact I could not even look into my own eyes, specially naked. I hated myself and I hate my body, even having achieved every singly goal I had planned. Even worst I found myself extremely depress and this time was much worst. How is that possible? I went from 260 pounds smoker, to a 160 pounds successful triathlete living the life and I hated myself? Yeah, I was missing a biggest of life: My soul! I was totally disconnected. 

The search

This transformation started back in 2014 when I realized I wanted to be a Dad. When my son was born, and he was born with a physical challenge, we end up staying 84 days in the NICU. During those days I had lots of freak out and in one of them I got in the restroom after a support group and looked me in the eyes and asked: How I gonna teach my son how to accept himself if I can't accept myself? I knew I needed to do something in order to empower my son to face his challenges. Things actually got worst, for 3 years I went into a huge transformation doing lots of things in order to connect with my soul.


Looking good naked is about the things I learned throughout this amazing journey of going from 260 pounds to a professional triathlete, quit smoking, becoming a Dad and facing my biggest demon called: Depression!

In Looking good Naked is a mix of Art, Science and Vibe because in order to be happy and healthy we need to combine mind, body and soul. 

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Looking good Naked will be ready on leap day 02/29/20 in a form of e-book and published later on. E-book price is $9.99 however you can pre-order today for only $3.33.