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No surrender

In 2015 while a swim workout I met a para athlete training for his second ironman. Talking to him, he said "We all have challenges, you just can see mine." That marked me quite a bit, because I have always seeing life as a physical, mentally and spiritual challenge. After Luke was born, I added to the quote, because there a lot we can do to help families with physical challenges. I believe that we rise by lifting each other."  

by Richard Wygand

team captain and team leader

Luke Wygand
Luke is the team captain motivating and inspiring others with his hard work and always smiling.

Richard Wygand
Richard is a Dad on a mission leading the Team Higher Purpose. 

How it all started...

On November 27th 2017 I made Luke a promise. "I promise Luke that we were going to run together even if I had to carry both machines. Guess what? On 10/20/18 we ran our first 5 K.

During the race I notice how happy Luke was and how people around us were inspired by his smile. Well, the truth is everywhere we go Luke brings so much joy for everyone. 

This 5 K marked my come back as feeling like an athlete again, and now with a much higher purpose: Create awareness for Nemaline Myopathy. 


"By challenging ourselves physically we can help the ones physically challenged"

Team Higher Purpose is an Endurance Focus team, where we train and compete with a common purpose: Raise awareness for a rare muscle condition called Nemaline Myopathy, and help families with physical challenges Thrive.

A note from our Founder

"I have raced Ironman professionally for 12 years, and I coached many athletes from ground zero to ironman level. My son was born with a rare muscle condition called Nemaline Myopathy, and now my Ironman is to raise awareness.

When I was racing I always had one attitude: NO SURRENDER, and my son have that same attitude, with that in mind I founded the Go Luke Wygand Foundation, we are athletes helping families with physical challenges thrive.

We all have challenges, some are visible some are not. By challenging ourselves physically we can help the ones that are physically challenged."


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