mission: raise AWARENESS and funds for nemaline myopathy research

Awareness, how? Rock-it-ology

Rock-it-ology is all about kindness, inclusion, love and joy. 

🤘 Rock-it-ology 🤘

-Podcast: Every other week, that is the goal*.

-TV: Every other week, that is the goal*.

-E-Magazine: Every 4th week of the month, that is the goal*.




*That is the goal, however I am a busy stay home dad and work based on inspiration. That being said schedule may vary. 

Funds how?

The profit in the end of the year is donated to nemaline myopathy research. The foundation in charge of research is called A Foundation Building Strength. 

Our biggest event on the year in the Rowathon. In 2018 we donated $2000 for nemaline myopathy research.