Special needs Dad online empowerment group

When we were at the hospital for almost 120 days, I saw a lot of support for moms but not a lot for Dads. The truth is, Dads do process things differently and yes we do need support, even thou we don't say we do. 

The purpose of this membership is simple: Provide tools for Dads so they can empower themselves.

Special needs V.S Non Special needs

The fact is we all got challenges, some a visible some are not, but we all have them. 

In my view when it comes to fatherhood, the difference between special needs or non special needs is the intensity. For example every kid can get the flu, the difference is that for some of us a simple flu can mean a trip to the ER. 

I do believe every Dad out there can benefit from some sort of support and to realize they are not alone.  

The membership includes

It's not a support group, it's an empowerment group...

The cost is $20 and includes:

  • Rock it e-Book.
  • Forum.
  • Recipes.
  • Nutrition Plan.
  • Workout Gallery.
  • Monthly meeting with topics.

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